...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Flock of Seagulls

Sunday morning, in bouts of fitful sleep, I dreamt that I was standing outside with friends in the middle of a large green field, an arched bridge looming nearby. Suddenly, from a distance, I could see a large flock of something flying swiftly through the sky towards us. They flew deftly beneath the arch of the bridge and it was then that I saw what they were. Not a flock of geese. Not a flock of seagulls. But a flock of superheroes-in-training. There were about ten of them, complete in their superhero garb (brightly-colored tights and capes). I, of course, shrieked with glee and scrambled for my digital cam (see--OCD I tell you) as they landed quietly on the grass like a flock of ducks skimming out over lake waters. I sighed with disappointment at not having gotten a pic, but then suddenly they were off again, shooting back into the skies, and my scrambling came to fruition this time as I managed to snap a picture of them before they became little black v's in the distant grey sky.

This is vulnerability too--quickly writing a second blog for the day so that you don't feel quiet so self-conscious having your first blog entry sitting there, exposed, right at the top of the page.



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