...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Glorp Glorp

Yesterday I was driving home from work and the fluids in my engine were making strange noises. I randomly tried to think of a word that sounded like the noise they were making. It was sort of a glunkle but not really. Maybe a gorgle? I finally settled on a "glorp." My engine was most definitely making some sort of weird glorping noise.

The phrase "glorp glorp" popped into my head immediately, and I knew I had heard the word and the phrase before. I wracked my brain, assuming it was some weird-ass movie that I was having problems thinking of. About five minutes later it suddenly came to me--it was from some dumbass Cheerio's commercial where the little boy describes the sound of the dad's heart as a GLORP GLORP.

It's depressing when you've seen a ridiculous number of movies in your lifetime, aren't able to remember quotes from barely any of them, and yet are able to reference a fricking Cheerio's commercial as though it were the King James Bible.



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