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My Newest Sources of Amusement

There is a commercial for some trade-school/college that I keep seeing on the television in which the "main character" talks about how he went to school for poetry but couldn't find any functional use for it in "the real world." So he transferred over to the {{SCHOOL BEING ADVERTISED}} to study some sorta trade (engineering/bioengineering/something-something) and it has, of course, changed his life. He now has a good-paying job and is much happier than he ever could've believed. And in the last few seconds of the commercial, our main character boasts: "And even my poetry has gotten more personal."

This makes me laugh every time. WTF does this mean? Apparently the general population thinks the goal of any poet is to have poetry that is "more personal." What this means, I have absolutely no clue. But apparently, people think it.

I majored in English. I got a master's in it as well, with a focus on creative writing--poetry. And never once did I find myself sniffling and shaking my head and wishing, just wishing, that I could get my poetry to be more "personal." Never did any of my profs beat me with a stick and chide me for my poetry not being "personal" enough. Apparently us poets are so mystical in our endeavors that no one can quite think of a word to pin our writing down, except for "personal," that is. This would almost be flattering if it didn't make us poets sound like we're verging scarily on emo.

PS. I really want to visit the "dwarfish pharmacy" (subject line from spam) that was sent immediately to my spam box. I mean, meds for tiny people? That just rules.

PPSS. I've decided I get warm-fuzzies watching women hold and speak into very large, old-fashioned phone receivers. Not stiff-boners but warm-fuzzies, kinkmeisters. Don't ask me why.



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