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Ove' Glove! Ove' Glove! You've Gotta Love! The Ove' Glove!

I have been absolutely useless in the writing department this week.

However, I didn't want to leave on such a sour George W-note before I head home for vacation (tomorrow's my last day of work for 11... count it: 11... days), so I will instead impart upon you my new guilty television pleasure of the month:

You ever see the commercial for "The Ove' Glove"? If you've watched any tv at ALL this X-mas season, I'm sure you have.

Well, goddamit if this commercial doesn't make me laugh every time I see the stupid thing.

The "Ove' Glove" is a glove you can wear in order to handle really hot objects when cooking. But the commercial also boasts that it has tons of other household uses as well, and in order to demonstrate, they show someone using the glove to replace a lightbulb.

First time I saw the commercial, like every other sucker, I was like SWEET! THAT *IS* ONE HANDY MOTHERF-ING CONTRAPTION!

The second time, I laughed because I realized what a big 'tard I was the first time.

For those of you who haven't SEEN the commercial, the Ove' Glove wearer is replacing a lightbulb that is LIT.

#1--Has no one ever heard of turning OFF the light before changing a lightbulb: doing so is beneficial in keeping you from electrocuting yourself and also nixing any need to PURCHASE an Ove' Glove.


#2--The person is replacing a lightbulb that is on. If the lightbulb is on, it is functioning and not dead yet. Therefore, why exactly would you NEED to change it?

Ah commercials.



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