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I Said Jump! Down on Jump Street!

Back in primary school, one of my favorite shows to watch each week was the sweet-ass 21 Jump Street. For those of you not familiar with the show, it was *THE BEST SHOW EVER*. In it, an undercover police unit of younger cops masquerades as high schoolers to bust crime in the schools. Officer Tom Hanson (played by Johnny Depp) was one of my first ever crushes. He was hot and oh so bad ass.

I found out a week or so ago that they actually HAVE the show on dvd, so I of course immediately ordered it from the library. It is one of the most fantastically terrible shows I've seen in a long long while. I now walk around shouting "Spit on you, man! Spit on you!" because of it--that's some Oscar-winning screen-writing. I mean, just listen to the theme song and try not to cry with laughter:


Ahh, the '80's. How you torture us so.*

*Officer Hanson (aka Johnny Depp) is *still* wicked hot on that show, despite the fact that it's so horribly '80's. In yesterday's episode, he hooked up with his English teacher. Oh, to be that English teacher.



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