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Lost Limbs and Gushing Blood

Last night was a night of strange dreams. My grey cat, Zooey, was playing with a plastic bottle of some sort and her lip got stuck between a couple of the pieces of plastic tight in the rim. She started to panic and, before I was able to extract her lip from it, she'd pulled away and ripped what I though was her lip off. It turned out not to be her lip but her paw instead. It fell out of the bottle and onto the floor, and I twisted around to see her leg and whether it was gushing blood everywhich way, but she'd panicked and run off quickly, or moreso wobbled, given that she only had 3 feet now and one was lying on the floor in front of me.

I ran to put the foot in something to wisk her off to the vet and hopefully have it reattached. I felt like such a terrible pet-owner. As I ran off to do so, I leaned over, and suddenly blood started pouring from my mouth. I cupped my palm up in front of my mouth to catch it so it wouldn't spill all over the kitchen floor, thinking it was just a light drip. But it quickly spilled over my palm which had filled up with the dark blood. I thought my lip was bleeding, but really, it was a kind of sore/hole under my tongue that was just POURING out blood.

Suddenly, J.D. (Zach Braff's character on Scrubs--yes, I've been watching *way* too much Scrubs) stepped on something, effectively slicing open his foot. (When he entered the dream, I have no clue--but I was no longer in my apartment and blood was no longer pouring from my mouth. I was still concerned about Zooey's foot, however.) He was woozy from the blood-loss, so we realized we should wisk him off to the hospital. I had no clue where the hospital was and we ended up at Marymount, which I was told by him (once he came to) was not in fact a hospital. We tried it just to make sure, but it looked like a large mall. We took the escalators up and down, confusing the up for the down on the way back. He was acting totally fine now and he didn't appear to be affected by the blood loss, so he and whoever else was accompanying us suggested stopping somewhere in Marymount (which was now a mall) to grab food. I was pissed because they'd dragged me out there for nothing and my cat was sitting at home with no foot, all because of me.

J.D. was both my ex- and my brother.



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