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What I Did on My Christmas Vacation

By Lindy Loo

I was on vacation for 11 whole days. It was fun. My family came over for Christmas. They brought lots of food. It was good. I like food. I got lots of presents. I like presents too. Each day of My Christmas Vacation, I hung out with two different people. I hung out with old friends I haven't seen in a long time. I hung out with friends I see a lot. It was nice. I met my friend Michele at Arabica. She told me a story about a woman putting baby eels into her anus. Then we went to Friendly's. They have good iced tea. I ate lots of food all week. Especially chocolate. Chocolate makes me happy. And hyper. On Friday, I beat my friend at pool. He was not so good so we took a picture of his butt-crack. I am not allowed to show it. I'd get into trouble. Butt-cracks are funny. They are also good sometimes, but not as good as chocolate. I played Candy Land with my brother and sisters and E on Thursday. There were not enough pieces, so my brother was a knife. We laughed a lot even though knives don't make good pieces. I won. I got double-purple. My friend Kristen has a cat. Her name is Priscilla. I pet her on Thursday. She is large and black and fluffy and plays with pens. I also made New Years Resolutions. They are a secret though. If you tell them to someone, they won't come true. So I am not telling. No matter how much money and chocolate people offer me. My cat is in love with my friend Maura's hair. She rolls around in it and her face looks happy and funny like my mom's did the time I walked in on her and my daddy playing "tent" with the bed blankets. Maura gives good presents. So does my friend E. He gave me so many cool things for Christmas. I gave him things too. He liked them. He has freckles and is nice to me. He also likes pizza. This was the best Christmas vacation ever!!!!!!!

The End



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