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The Constant Gardener

The problem that I have with movies like this is that they are touted to be big eye-openers about social injustice etc. etc. And yet, these movies depersonalize the individuals suffering at the hands of said social injustice in the same way that the big pharmeceutical companies do to these folks--these folks become nothing more than faceless masses that compose a backdrop for some big, admirable endeavor by a white dude.

Call me cynical, but The Constant Gardener may be well-done and all that--well-constructed with good acting--but for a movie that DOES keep getting props for making Americans aware of bad shit going on in other countries, it sure as shit leaves the folks in Kenya completely and utterly faceless as they suffer at the hands of slimy corporations, nothing more than a backdrop for two (and I quote) "courteous, self-effacing, large of heart" white folks and their love-story.

But maybe that's just me.



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