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Imposing My Viewpoint, Part II

The other day, while watching the newest of the Batman flicks, I had this sudden flashback to middle school.

*Opening my Big Bag o' Dork*

Back in 6th or 7th grade, I went through this phase where I was absolutely in love with the movie Batman and was horrendously smitten with that "Batdance" song by Prince (you can listen to a brief clip HERE). I vividly remember listening to that song over and over on my headphones in the car while I stared out the car window as my parents drove around looking at houses.

Oh, and kids at school used to pay me to draw them pictures from the movie. A particular favorite of the hip middle-school crowd was my drawing of The Joker.

Yeah, you heard me.

Put *that* in your pipe and smoke it!

*Closing up my Big Bag o' Dork and resealing it really damn tight*



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