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New Improved List of Things That Bring Me Joy

1. Picturing Michele and her cute laugh as she sits in some coffee shop, choking on laughter after she reads something she finds funny on my blog.

2. The sky Sunday night when my brother was over and how the pink dusk clouds were peeled back in just one scabby patch across the center of the sky where it was bright and brilliant blue.

3. Cuddling with Zooey the other morning where we actually spooned for an hour or two.

4. When a certain Russian fellow refers to smoking in his broken English as "suiciding yourself."

5. When I get random messages on my machine from Maura's nieces and nephews singing ACDC'S "TNT" or reading me a homemade ghost story.

6. The quiet of driving in a blanket of snow that's surrounding you from above and below in white.

7. That D actually consumed about 12 or 14 of the worst cookies I've ever made in my life, within about 5 hours.

8. When weird inside-jokes I have with my sister Lisee randomly pop into my head: Zebra Mushroom!

9. When my brother rather cutely and sincerely tells me how proud he is of me.

10. That I woke up the other morning with Maura's song "Ohio" stuck in my head and how it wedged there ALL day. That's a good sign, woman.

11. Finding the perfect gift for someone.

12. Being clutzy (alternately fun and irritating).

13. Franny's fat little hairy Italian-man belly.

14. Fucking good vegan tamale pie.

15. The Broken Social Scene song "Anthems for a 17-Year old Girl."

16. See "H.E."

17. Heat.



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