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The Power of Christ Compels You (To Eat Vegan)

A recipe for a whole-wheat vegan cake and a very different viewpoint on why to go vegan:


(For those of you who pick on me about *MY* arguments about veganism, next time you feel compelled to make fun, hearken back to the words of our brother Fillipe and let the sanity of my words flutter down upon you.*)


Cameraman: Why do you make your food vegan? Why don't you just get the ingredients--the regular ingredients--and make your food the normal way? Why vegan?

Fillipe: That's a very good question, but it is also a very simple question. You know we are called to do everything for the glory of God. And we are living in the last days. And Satan is going to try to make an assault upon our mind. And the battle is in our mind. And if we do not eat healthfully and keep our body fit, our mind will be weak. Our mind will not be able to make rational and correct decisions. And that is one of the major reasons why I eat only vegan. Because I have seen that if I have eaten other things that have been contaminated--such as dairy and milk and eggs and meat, you know, meat products--all that does is clogs up my system. I cannot think properly. And I cannot be able to communicate with my lord and savior. So it is very important that I eat nutritious food that is abundant in all the vitamins and minerals that I need for my body.... And when I get this balanced nutrition that is solely found only in fruits, grains, nuts, and vegetables, then, my body will feel great--and I do feel great--and I do the rest of the eight laws of health, and my mind is clear. I am able to study the word of God and be able to discern spiritual things, because spiritual things are spiritually discerned and only when you are healthy are you able to discern spiritual things. Because your mind will not be dull. It will be clear and the Holy Spirit can to communicate to you. But if it is clouded, how can you communicate? That's why it is very important to keep your mind and your body all surrendered to the Lord, so that he may be able to teach you and use you.

*And yes, I make fun. But only because I am a Christian-hating atheist**.

**And, yes. I am kidding. Though the transition from discussing the recipe to discussing his reasons for veganism is abrupt and resonates with that turning-on-brainwashed-propaganda feel. And I say that again, not based on my Christian-hating heart, but simply because, well, Satan told me to.



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