...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Sir, I Mean, Ma'am

Having spent half of yesterday afternoon dealing with the bullshit that is mechanics, it seemed fitting to return home to Judge Judy whose shows often seem to be a symbol of the fucked up male-dominated power-structures of this country.

But wait, you say, she's a FEMALE and in a position of power! How does that make her show a symbol of these fucked up power structures?

Well, watch an episode or two sometime and see how many times people call her "Sir." It cracks me up every time, but only yesterday did it dawn on me that it is really quite the commentary on American society and patriarchal power structures to see folks constantly erring and referring to a woman in an "unusual position of power" as "Sir."

And she ain't the only one who gets that either.

Men rule the world.



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