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My Future Husband

Just the other day, I realized that my Sinfully Vegan cookbook was missing a chunk of about 50 pages in the middle of the book and, since somehow they managed to print the last 50 pages TWICE in a row at the end of the book, they didn't notice the missing text before printing the books and sending them out. So on Monday, I emailed the publishing company (more specifically, Matthew Lore, the vice-president, since there wasn't a general email for the publishing company) and asked if I might be able to send my book in to get a new copy. Mr. Matthew Lore promptly responded and said he wasn't aware of the errors and that he would send me a new book out immediately. (I'm using Mr. Matthew Lore's name as much as humanly possible in this post knowing that even kind and gentle bigwigs sometimes get the urge to google their own names and hoping he stumbles across this post. Anyways...)

Yesterday (that's the fricking day after he told me this), I came home to a package from Mr. Matthew Lore in the mail. Already. And not only did Mr. Matthew Lore send me an error-free copy of Sinfully Vegan, he also sent me a copy of Vegan with a Vengeance with a little handwritten note that said, Thought you might appreciate this book as well. Sincerely.


Granted, I already own this cookbook (so my plan is to give away the new copy to the next feisty vegan I meet--which may be awhile), but it's the thought, you know?

Sometimes people just break your heart with their generosity.

Matthew Lore, will you marry me?



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