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New Sidebar Thingamajigger

As you can see from my sidebar, I've decided to nix the tallying of my neighbors' orgasms, that way my downstairs neighbor can orgasm in peace again (and so I don't give her some weird sorta complex about it).

(For the record, she is not the neighbor whose orgasms I was tallying--it's my front neighbors who orgasm freakishly early in the morning and whose orgasm my groggy 6 am brain once interpreted as being from a peeping tom that was peering in my window... which made even less sense seeing as I live on the second floor. But I digress...)

Instead I've added a "Most Recent Vegan Food Experimentations" category in which I will list out my most recent adventures (or miserable failures) in the kitchen, hopefully with the occasional recipe link. I don't have the time or blog-energy to jump on the food-blog wagon, so this'll just have to do instead. Hope you enjoy.

Happenstance, may you enjoy fucking like a bunny this weekend.



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