...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Wow. I Suck.

Wow. I made the worst brownies ever last night. And I brought them into work and offered them up to folks. I don't know if I should be grinning for having tortured co-workers with them or I should be worried that they will never trust anything I make ever again. I just ate one right now and it was like trying to rip through a piece of tire with my teeth. Raspberry tire, but tire nonetheless.

I swear to ye co-workers who read my blog, THEY TASTED GOOD LAST NIGHT WHEN THEY WERE FRESH FROM THE OVEN. They also didn't have the bouncing capacity of a super-ball.

They were fun to bake though and entailed dancing around my kitchen with raspberry gunk and chocolate smudged all over my hands while I sang at the top of my lungs to a very kick-ass Peppermint mix and my cats stared at me in horror (which they do every time I either sing or dance--apparently they are snooty and appalled by my lack of talent).

Note to self: Stop sucking.



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