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Yet Another Commercial to Hate

So my biggest beef with the Oscar's this year (and I controlled myself and waited until today to blog about it, in keeping with the whole "Blog Against Sexism" day thang) was the preponderance of ridiculously sexist commercials. It was enough to make a nice quiet nonconfrontational girl like me hork all over the place.

The most disturbing of the bunch was that motherf-ing commercial for Tab Energy Drink. (Good lord, the website is equally nauseating. You can watch the commercial in disgust if you click on the media link found HERE.)

Apparently the new Tab Energy Drink is a low-cal energy drink being marketed towards women with its nauseatingly pink exterior and promise of low calories.

According to the commercial, it takes a lot of energy for women to:

  • Commute in 3-inch heels

  • Accessorize

  • Defy Gravity

  • Be daring

  • Apparently these are the various "diverse" activities of women-on-the-go: a woman trying to seduce her pool-boy ("accessorizing"), a woman running through the streets in a short short skirt and heels, another woman literally jiggling around her cleavage while she attempts to hike her tits up to chin level ("defying gravity"), another woman hairspraying her hair. Tab offers us women, and I quote, a "fuel to be fabulous...because women need a different kind of energy."

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find this ridiculously offensive and sexist? Last time I checked, I could use some energy for, say, getting through my work day in one piece, spending hours educating myself, arguing the shit out of any and every topic on my plate, giving people crap for being sexist douchebags, and dealing with the sexist bullshit stereotypes that commercials like Tab's are feeding the population.

    If you as a woman (or as a man, for that matter) DON'T find this commercial offensive, then goddamn--something's up with you. This commercial presents women as nothing more than two-dimensional objects whose main priority is to maintain their fuckability. Oh, and to lose weight--hence it being a DIET energy drink.

    That's just fucked up.

    Apparently, according to Tab, "fabulous" is "Style. Fashion. Grace. Ability. Success." According to the site, "These are all words to which we as women can relate, and words that we would probably use in defining the essence of being fabulous."

    The words I'd use to define the essence of fabulous would consist of "twisting the nutsack," "Tab's bullshit stereotypes," and "until all the men who came up with this commercial are singing like castrati."

    *If you wanna email Coke and rip them a new one for being so goddamn sexist, drop by their feedback page HERE.



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