...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Personal Ads for My Cats



  • Running around screaming while playing with her screaming ball.

  • Piston-pawing my throat at 4am (with very sharp claws).

  • Making everyone nervous by perching on the very edge of the rooftop when we go outside.

  • Sleeping as close to my face as possible.

  • Sebastian the groundhog.

  • Eating ribbons and then throwing them back up.

  • Sniffing Franny's butt.

  • Wrestling.

  • Throwing up.


  • When Franny butts-in on whatever game we're playing.



  • Eating midges.

  • Walking around making monkey noises so that I'll play with her before going to bed.

  • Chasing flying bugs that manage to get into the house.

  • Begging me to pet her, but *only* when we're on the roof.

  • Running out full-speed onto the exposed beams about 10-feet above my living room.

  • Doing skateboarding moves when attacking things.

  • Sniffing Zooey's butt.

  • Wrestling.

  • Sniffing the stink-pole.

  • Eating.


  • Being pet.

  • Being picked up.

  • Being looked at too closely.

(Clearly, I just wanted an excuse to post their pictures. Though I'm guessing you already figured that out.)



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