...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

I generally try to steer clear from gender-stereotypes and/or making trite, overused statements that girls in shows like Dawson's Creek make (can you tell that I'm out of the loop on current horrendously girly television shows?), but seriously:

I do NOT understand boys.

And loosely-related, I've realized this week that I have the inability to differentiate between the two spellings of stear/steer and have had to (several times this week) look it up on the internet.

I think I'm gonna have to stop discussing driving-related stuff in conversation.

And not related at all:

After spending a good half-an-hour reassuring a kind soul that it's okay to be socially awkward, even though it might not SEEM like it sometimes, I apparently took it upon myself to demonstrate this fact by immediately getting uncomfortable in the conversational presence of a new intern who had come over to introduce himself to me and blurting out that I had thought he was imaginary.

Which would've been ok to blurt out if he'd been in on any of the lengthy conversations me and my cube-mate have had about whether he really exists or not.

But since he wasn't, I suspect I shan't be seeing him anywhere near my cube again any time soon.



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