...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

The Thing That You Will Be Like Yeah I Don't Care

Last night, as I was shout-singing The Pixies "Debaser" on my way home, I realized that I should probably look up the lyrics finally.

And I did.

What I'd always shout-sung as "And I am moon shock! I can loose ya!" (which I clearly knew COULDN'T be the lyrics since they made absolutely no sense) is actually "I am un chien andalusia," which is just wicked cool because it's alluding to Dali and Bunuel's movie Un Chien Andalou, which makes me feel extra-specially hip since the line about "Slicing up eyeballs" always *did* make me think of the title image from this very film, and which makes my misheard lyrics actually somehow surrealistically appropriate.

So I rock.

And Frank Black rocks even harder.

And all in a delightfully surrealistic type way.

Perhaps one day you can be surrealistical and cool just like us. Perhaps.



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