...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Excerpts from Recent Emails, Part Something

I've not been feeling very prolific in the blogging department as of late, and the posts here have reflected as much, no doubt.

So, yet again, I rely on exchanges with my friends (and the deep, prolific thoughts within) to fill the hole where the heart of my blog once was:

No, you're thinking of the song Viking in My Yacht Club.
They also did Coco Butter Can't Ease the Pain of my Broken Heart, But it Sure Smells Nice

I have attached one of my very favorite songs of the year, and the moment. It makes me so happy to hear it, I begin to feel slightly homosexual.

Hooray for nipples!!

ever have one of those weeks where... whereas the week before you were all sorts of pin-stripe suit, cane, wine-glass, and cigarette holder, suddenly you're all accidental-inside-out underwear and pants that you suddenly realize have a hole in the crotch-seam? it's one of those kind of weeks.

I got the fucking Hubble up my snatch. Takes great bird's-eye shots.

i just ate your mom's nipples off of YOUR nipples. they were so-so.

i'll still love you even if you become a cyclops with cum in his ear, promise.

Maybe they just want some hominy. that's what I always want when my face is between large breasts. I guess it's a guy thing.

that fits. not the best of words, but not the worst.

like the time i ate a vegan ice-cream cone out of naomi's p00ter. that was GREAT.



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