...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...


So last night, while my electricity (and consequently heat) were out for a few hours, I got to thinking that it just isn't right that anyone should have to suffer through a power outtage without having someone around to makeout with to pass the time.

So my idea is this: the Electric Company really needs to buddy up with the p0rn industry already, so that right before there's gonna be a lengthy power outtage, they can distribute some "electricians/cable-repair-people/mechanics/plumbers" around to the single-folks in the affected neighborhoods, that way once the outtage hits, there'll be someone there to turn to us and say, overdramatically, "Baby, it looks like, if we wanna make it through all this alive, we'd better take off all our clothes and start sharing some body heat, otherwise we may very well freeze to death."

People would undoubtedly be a *lot* less disgruntled with the Electric Company if they enacted a policy such as this, instead of forcing us to be stuck at home for three hours, trying to read by candelight some article written by some asshole in a scientific magazine who thinks he's really funny and original in cracking jokes about how shocking it is that English majors get paid to study the useless things they study (as if he's the first person to ever make that joke before) and then lusting after Dr. House **even more** than usual after the electricity goes back on since there wasn't anyone around to satiate these sexy outtage urges.

Not that I was *doing* any of that, mind you. But for those that were.



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