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Take *THAT*, New Year's Resolution!

My one and only New Year's Resolution this year is to be less cerebral, less stuck in my head all the time. (Actually, it's not so much a New Year's Resolution as it was something I'd set my mind to working on about a month or so ago, but I thought it might as well be used to answer the inevitable "What's your NY resolution?" question whenever I get asked it.)

And so far so good, actually (though I *do* still have some noticeable stumbling blocks that I need to work on more).

Although I've long known that I'm a bit too cerebral and frequently give myself a hard time about it, in the last month a few words from various different people have made me much more self-conscious about the fact, and have made me realize that perhaps it really would do me some good to let go just a bit more sometimes, without getting so stuck on overthinking stuff.


[In response to my lengthy diatribe on the topic of the random hook-up] "Um, couldn't you just hook-up with someone *just for the fun of hooking up with someone*?"

"you're so...moral...or something."

"Man, do you ask a lot of questions."

While I think there's nothing wrong with analyzing things (I'm a philosophy major, peeps--the brain's my favorite part of the body to exercise), asking questions (what can I say? People and their motivations fascinate me), and allowing one's self to be guided by a clear-cut set of morals, I *do* realize that once in a while I need to give myself a break from analyzing everything so intensely, and just let myself get caught up in the moment, be less cautious and skeptical, go with the flow, and not think so goddamn much about things.

Case in point: I had something lengthier written out about this New Year's Resolution (including a bit of analysis about why I *am* this way), but then I realized that in writing all that, I'd essentially be putting a knife straight into the heart of the resolution itself. So instead I give you this shorter and sweeter post.

Lauren: 1

Failed New Year's Resolution: 0



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