...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Cute conversation I had with a girl in one of my classes last week:

GIRL: He [our instructor] didn't even really answer my question.

ME: Oh, yeah: he's hard of hearing. I don't think you were here the day he told us that. So sometimes he doesn't really hear you, so you have to talk kind of loud.

GIRL: Oh really? Man, he's got all SORTS of stuff wrong with him. Remember: the other day he said he was colorblind too!

ME: Really? I don't remember that.

GIRL: Yeah, you were there! Remember, he was all [mimicking him] "I'm colorblind. So I treat all people the same when they come into my practice, regardless of their race." Which didn't even really make any sense, because, I mean, it's not like people are blue or red, you know? I mean, I don't get what his colorblindness has anything to do with that.

ME: Oh. Um. [wanting to go "Awww! Honey!" but biting my tongue]



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