...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Alec Motherhumpin' Stuart

"Don't try and catch me,
I am way too fast for that.
You're gonna have to kill me
if you want me
that bad..."

(Alec Stewart, "The Death of Narcissus")

I wanted to post a song by the incomparable Alec Stewart as the "Song of the Week" in my sidebar, but alas: his music is only available through his myspace page. (Alec, if you happen upon this post at some point, that is my subtle hint that YOU NEED TO CUT AN ALBUM ALREADY, IF NOT JUST FOR ME, THEN FOR THE GOOD OF ALL HUMANITY.)

His music is such good good shit. Like chewing on gravel and heartbreak.

So I send you there instead, with a sense of urgency. Go go. And listen in particular to the song whose lyrics are featured above:

[[ LISTEN ]]



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