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Just a Few

  • While watching The Brave One (of all things) the other day, I was overwhelmed by the compulsion (inspiration) to write a poem. A poem about a pedestrian who had been hit by a car. Inspiration is a strange and wonderful thing. Kind of like a reverse diarrhea of the brain. <---Think about it

  • In the process of arguing with someone yesterday over email, I was told this: "I'll leave the ball in your court, I know that's how you like it anyway." And despite my sour mood, I had a hard time not laughing because it was so unintentionally pervy, and because it was also a scarily accurate assessment on the non-pervy front.

  • I think I'm going to get supplies to make a cat-shelter today since we have a RIDICULOUS amount of strays in our neighborhood (and since one of them that I keep seeing was sitting under a van yesterday, trying to avoid the icy pellets beating down from the wonderful Cleveland weather). I wish I would've thought of this at the BEGINNING of winter, but better late than never.



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