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Strange Conversation from Yesterday

Cashier at Petstore (referring to the 4x1-foot package of styrofoam I was lugging around with me): So... what is that?

Me: Um. Styrofoam?

Cashier: It's just... styrofoam?

Me (pausing to look at him quizzically): Uh. Yes.

Cashier: Just, like, sheets of styrofoam?

Me: [Pause] Uh huh.

Cashier (sounding slightly disappointed): Oh.

[I leave wondering if perhaps a) he thought that I was trying to very obviously shoplift enormous and awkward 4-foot sheets of styrofoam from his petstore right in front of his eyes, despite the fact that I'd just waited in line for 5 minutes to pay for 20-cents-worth of cat toys, or b) he thought maybe there was secretly something else awesome and MINDBOGGLINGLY fascinating disguising itself amongst what clearly could be nothing other than large sheets of styrofoam.]



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