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Celebrity Dreams

Last night I dreamt that my mom was chummy with Jeremy Sisto, and we were over her house, sitting around and bullshitting while she cooked in the kitchen. Something happened and then something else, and then my foot had ribbons of ropey dried skin coming off the sides of it. Jeremy Sisto (the gentle, Law & Order version) came over and sat down with me on the kitchen floor to help peel them off.

Fucking hot.

Way hotter than the time that I dreamt he nailed me against the freezer-door at a McDonald's we both worked at.

All this got me thinking about the celebrity dreams I've had. Surely the numbers are higher than those noted below, but based on ones that stand out in my head, these are the lucky folks that I've dreamt about (some of them erotically, some of them not so much) and how many times I've dreamt about them.
  • Hyde from That 70's Show (3)

  • Jeremy Sisto (2)

  • The Strokes (2)

  • Jonah Hill (1)

  • Steve Carell (1)

  • Jake Gyllenhaal (1)

  • Mike Doughty (1)

  • Jimmy Kimmel (1)

  • JD from Scrubs (1)

  • Hugh Laurie (1)

  • Jason Stratham (1)

  • Forest Whitaker (1)

  • Cillian Murphy (1)

  • Scatman Carothers (1)

  • Greatest American Hero (1)



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