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Dem Bones Dem Bones

I've mentioned before elsewhere that lately I secretly like watching shows like Bones because when they reference anatomical and physiological stuff, I feel pleased that I actually know what they're talking about.

It's very weird though because my knowledge of both subjects isn't ingrained enough yet to be reflexive--my brain doesn't work the way it does when, say, you picture a phone immediately when you hear the word "phone" and don't have to pause for a second or two to think of what the word means before dredging up a mental image.

On an episode of Bones the other week, for example, she mentioned the scaphoid and trapezium, and my brain went I KNOW THAT but then had to flip through the flash cards of my cerebrum to figure out exactly what these two things mean anatomically. Physically, it kind of feels like the equivalent of your brain trying to bike uphill. It took maybe 5 seconds, granted, but it's a weird feeling.

It is no doubt sort of like when you are very very little and first learning words. Or maybe kind of sort of like learning a new language.

I like the slow movement though. Kind of makes me appreciate the knowledge more.



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