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Eyes: The Bicep of the Soul

For some reason, I find people the whole phenomenon of nystagmus fascinating.

So I, of course, love it when Pruitt Taylor Vince shows up in a tv show or movie. I think it's bad-ass when people who don't fit into the generic Hollywood mold make such a name for themselves.

Eyeballs are just fascinating in general.

One of our instructors told us the other day that when someone is thinking or trying to recall something and their eyes wander off to look upwards or to the side or something, the area that the eyes are shifting towards coordinates with the location in the brain that is being put to use. (I tend to think this is a bit too urban-legendy to be believable, *but I still secretly like to believe it*.)

Even stranger is the fact that our most deepest connection with a person is through eye contact. If you stare into someone's eyes, you feel like you're tapping into their very soul. When in reality (*trying hard not to make yet another eye-anus comment*) you're looking into muscle and the gap in muscle. No different than staring at someone's bicep.




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