...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...


Even if you've parted amicably and you sincerely want them to be happy*, it's still always a slight bit mellowing to find out that your recently ex-ed ex is already seriously dating someone new and it's not even been a year.

Do they not realize that they should be spending their days bemoaning the day you broke up? Drowning deliriously in remorse over having lost you?? Trying desperately to fill up the empty gaping hole you've left in their lives with booze and p0rn (and perhaps Korean midgets)??? Secretly pining after you with the hope that they may one day convince you to get back together???? Creating bountiful shrines devoted to you and the fact that you are anything BUT easily replaceable?????

Don't they know that, according to Federal Code 141.603, they're not supposed to find someone else meaningful for a minimum of at LEAST five years?

Clearly this memo is not getting out there from the People in Charge.

*Except every once in a while when you really really DON'T.



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