...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

So I think Old-Guy Neighbor may officially be getting senile.

As most of you who've been regaled by my Old-Guy Neighbor stories know, he is not ashamed to talk my ear off for 45 minutes, not once, but twice within just a few hours.

And yesterday this happened again, no surprise.

What threw me, however, was when he came to the window the second time (about 45 minutes or so after our first conversation ended) and shouted, "Hello, stranger!"

At first I thought he was being self-deprecating, making fun of the fact that he was out there again to talk to me.

And then I realized that perhaps he didn't actually REALIZE that he'd talked to me less than an hour ago.

When he ended the conversation by saying that he was gonna head in to cook his dinner of spanish rice and beans (when an hour prior, he told me he was heading in to cook his dinner of spaghetti or a hamburger, depending), I really *DID* start to wonder whether this might be the case.

The man likes to repeat the same stories so much, that it's hard to differentiate the "repetitive sheerly for the sake of having something to talk about" from the "repetitive because I don't remember having told you this before."

His dog is also dying, which makes me sad. Both for the dog and him.

So yeah: probably no good Old Guy Neighbor stories for a while. It's not quite so entertaining joking about someone with potential-Alzheimers whose dog is dying.




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