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Whitman, You Often Surprise Me by Rocking Out

I need some poetry recommendations, 'cause I really need to start writing more regularly again. I know this because, last night, when a character in a movie I was watching quoted Walt Whitman, lines of random poetry started spilling out of my brain. SPILLING out. Those of you who write know what I'm talking about. The kind of spilling out where you immediately have to pick up whatever happens to be nearby (napkin, receipt, cigarette pack) and start jotting away. Hearing or reading a good poem is like hitting your funny bone: there's no way to stop the impulse from shooting through you, no matter how long it's been since you last wrote. And it just feels so good to have that impulse spill over you--so warm, so familiar, so comforting. I read prose like a CRAZY-ASS MOTHERFUCKER, but it never even comes close to sparking the same sort of creative flame within me the way that reading good poetry does.

So: poetry recommendations please. *COUespeciallyfromyoulesleGH* Moreso books of, rather than single poems.

Please and thank you.



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