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Lindy Loo's Faith in the XY Chromosome is Restored

I've gotta say, my faith in the male gender had been starting to wane over the past couple months, and I would occasionally find myself blurting out sentences beginning with "Boys are such fucking..." and usually ending with "idiots" or "retards" or "dumb-ass motherfuckers," despite the fact that I hate hate hate gender-stereotyping.

But then, within the course of two weeks, I met *three* separate guys that, if I were to start a Snuggly, Cheek-pinching, Squishy-Goodness Harem of Men (perhaps also with the occasional grape-feeding and doing it), they would SO be the first three members.

In one fell swoop, they have managed to restore my faith in the XY chromosome with their fierce delicious energy.

And although I don't think any of them read this blog, if they do: bless your motherf-ing hearts. I guess that's what I'm trying to say.



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