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RIP: Texting

So just like that, I've decided to stop texting. What can I say? I'm fickle when it comes to my love of technology. And I miss the good ol' days, where people just talked to people. Or didn't talk. You know what I'm saying?

So in honor of the demise of my short-lived texting love-affair, I bring you the list of MY WORDS from my cell phone--words that I apparently thought were worthy enough of adding to the Rapid Entry dictionary feature on my phone. (The list would be much longer if my phone hadn't broken about a month ago.)

Anyways, enjoy. And RIP Lindy Loo Texting. *Making the sign of the cross and tossing a rose upon its grave*


  • back-up

  • bajingo

  • aha

  • chung

  • Damn

  • Fuck

  • handclaps

  • hessler

  • godawful

  • Hotdogs

  • groundhog

  • lemme

  • Luv

  • nature's

  • Nevermind

  • Saran

  • ripoff

  • Shush

  • Soulmates

  • sunscreen

  • Uck

  • tantraed

  • veggie

  • Thanks

  • VW

  • wouldn't've

  • wtf



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