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It's Like a Break-Up But Not Really and It Makes Me Sad Kind of

I feel bad for Old Guy Neighbor lately because I haven't been home much at all in the last few weeks. (I've been busy enough that my cats are getting angsty about not getting enough roof-time and have flown the coop twice by popping out the corner of the screen.) Nowadays, Old Guy Neighbor and I get into a conversation like MAYBE once a week, if that. It's funny because I DO kind of miss chatting with him, despite all my bitching. I feel a very grand-daughterly fondness towards him sometimes (except when the conversation is at an hour+ and still running, or when he remarks on things like how he laughed really hard when he saw me light my grill and singe my bangs in the process).

Last week, he came to the window and did his usual "Howdy, stranger." This time though, he didn't stay long at all. Maybe 10 minutes. I told him I passed my state boards. He got excited for me. But he also just seemed kind of sad, talked about moving like he occasionally does. And before he left, he said to me, "Yeah, I was going to say hi a couple times when I saw you out, but you had, you know, a guest over. So I figured I shouldn't interrupt. (pause) I'm glad to see you happy."

*Heart smashed under boot-heel*




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