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Things That I Don't Mind About Getting Older

  • Post-20's-cleavage--I have small tits. I am TOTALLY cool with them. I have many fans, and I think they're rather lovely myself, if I may say so. But I've never had the experience of cleavage. So I've always kind of been looking forward to getting older in that regard. Because small tits don't sag. So what ends up happening is you get this beautiful (and inexplicable) seam in lieu of cleavage as you get older. I noticed about a year ago that I was finally developing this aforementioned Skinny Girl Boobie Seam Cleavage, and I threw a Skinny Girl Boobie Seam Cleavage party, I was that thrilled.

  • Gray hair--As my hair was getting burrowed in last week, I was told that I'm getting gray hair at the roots. And it actually thrills me a little, I don't know why. I may not be as enthuasiastic about this one as I am the Skinny Girl Boobie Seam Cleavage, but IT DON'T SCARE ME! NO NO, GRAY HAIRS! BRING IT!

  • Lines--I am getting crow's feet. And I am getting smile lines. And do I care? No. Because Happiness can rip the SHIT out of my face for all I care. Yeah, you heard me.

Things That I *DO* Mind About Getting Older

  • The whole "Death" thing--No smack-talk for this one.



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