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Why I Only Scored a Measly 1 on my AP Calculus Exam

It is difficult to quantitatively assess how guilty one should be feeling about the following equation:

  • X meets Y;

  • X likes Y quite a bit and flirts with Y;

  • X gets drinks with Y;

  • X meets Z and spontaneously hangs out with Z one day;

  • Y vanishes for the summer;

  • X realizes Y and Z are also good friends;

  • X and Z become friends;

  • X continues to flirt with Y through a few emails;

  • Z drunkenly lays the charm on X one day;

  • X is skeptical;

  • Z undrunkenly lays the friendship on X;

  • X realizes she likes Z quite a bit;

  • X finds out Y & Z had a conversation about her prior to Y leaving;

  • X garners from the brief retelling of said convo that Z called dibs on X, kind of like you call dibs on "shotgun";

  • X envisions the convo involving lots of XY-ish ball-grabbing which really is kind of ridiculous but also funny;

  • Z asks X to hang out EVERY day that week (sometimes more than once);

  • X confusedly digs Z;

  • X also still digsduglikesliked Y;

  • X has told Z this;

  • X has not told Y this;

  • Y has not emailed X back;

  • X is angry at her brain for not keeping things simple;

  • X feels shitty;

  • X doesn't even know if she *should* be feeling shitty really;

  • X still feels shitty

Then given the equation of X + Y + Z = O, O would equal?

Square-root of pi?

Please to inform.

My calculus is shabby.



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