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Guano as Foreplay

So can I just say how much I absolutely fricking LOVE the Planet Earth series?? I wanted to add it to my flixster list, but apparently I can't. So I felt the need to mention it. If you've not seen, it seriously is hand's down THE most beautiful nature show I've ever seen.

Most nature shows seem to rely on the awesomeness of the animals to make them successful. But Planet Earth also possesses some serious cinematographical chops--there are moments where I can feel my chest clench up and I want to shout My god, to be alive in a world where something like this exists is almost more than I can bear!

Needless to say though, N-A is SURELY looking forward to me finally making my way through the series, so that our pre-makeout conversations will no longer be along the lines of: "So did you know that in Borneo, there's one of the world's largest caves, and it houses like MILLIONS of bats, so many that there's this enormous hill of bat-feces in the cave. But it's all like beautiful and glistening from afar, and you're like, wow, what the hell. Until you realize that the reason that it's glistening is that EVERY SQUARE INCH IS TEEMING WITH COCKROACHES!!!!!"



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