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Ten--I Repeat, Ten

I had to have "the talk" with N-A the other day. You know, the one where you have to explain to the new boyfriend that--well, you know--once October rolls around, you watch NOTHING but fricking horror movies for the entire course of the month, and he's probably gonna get stuck watching at least a few of them with you, despite the fact that he has absolutely NO love for them.

You know: "The Talk."

Anyways, his response was that, as long as he can watch football at my place on Sundays, he'd watch ten horror movies with no complaints.


I think he, for some reason, guesstimated this as a low number to have to suffer through for the month, given that yesterday, after I pointed out that he'd said ten, he said, Well, that's like a movie a week. And then the dawning: Er, two movies a week. Oh wait no THREE movies a week?!?

Two and a half, to be precise, I said, smirking.

I don't even typically WATCH 2-3 horror movies a week, even in the month of October. But god bless bad math skills for letting me inadvertently wreak havoc on October.



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