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Apparently They Need to Lower the Voting Age to 4-Years Old

Actual conversation from last night while out for celebratory drinks (transcribed to the best of my memory)

Me: So did you get to go out and celebrate the election stuff last night?

A: No! I was stuck working til like 1am.

RK (to A's 4-year old daughter, J): So how old are you?

J (shouting and holding up 4 fingers): I turned 4 on my 4th birthday!

Me to A: That sucks that you didn't get to celebrate. Did you guys at least have a tv on so you could watch the election results as they came in?

A: Yeah, we had the tv on all night, so that was good at least.

J (sitting in A's lap, legs swinging, shouting again excitedly): McCain thinks that women shouldn't get paid as much as men!

Me, A, R all look at each other simultaneously and burst out laughing



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