...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

So Old Guy Neighbor bought me a blanket. It apparently snaps up around your body or some such thing. Or--alternately--you can just use it as a regular old blanket. Apparently he bought it for me because he bought himself one and really liked it, and, as he frequently says, "Who else do I have to spend money on other than myself?"

Now the blanket actually looks sort of cute. And it's a nice color. And I actually might've picked it up if I'd seen it on sale at, say, Target or something.

But every time I give some thought to actually USING the blanket, I think about how snuggling up with the blanket is sorta like snuggling up with Old Guy Neighbor. How sleeping with the blanket is sorta like sleeping with Old Guy Neighbor.

And ever since those thoughts crossed my mind yesterday, I've of course had the overwhelming horrifying anxiety-laced need to GET RID OF THE BLANKET IMMEDIATELY.




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