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Things Thinging It Up With Other Things

  1. X-mas music makes me happy. Religious X-mas. Alvin & the Chipmunks X-mas. Bing Crosby X-mas. Cartman X-mas. It doesn't matter. It makes me feel warm and squishy inside.

  2. I ate WAY too much sugar last night: two beers topped off by an extremely large bowl of ice cream and cake. I realized that perhaps it was too much sugar when I noticed I was jumping around my living room for no reason while singing a made-up song to my cats and then found myself texting like 3 different people randomly. Other people drunk-dial. I apparently sugar-dial.

  3. There was no point to the newest X-Files movie. Why they took the time to make a movie that was essentially just a long (and really not all that interesting) episode of X-Files really blows my mind. (Ok, not really, since we all know surely it was just for the money. And N-A, I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT IT!) The only thing I really dug about it was when I suddenly realized that Mulder and Scully are in a married-without-being-married relationship, which I hadn't caught onto until they suddenly showed them snuggled up in bed together. It made me feel squish.

  4. The one true thing I can say that makes me happy about the winter is the fact that it means wine instead of beer. (Beer is a warm-weather drink. Wine is a cold-weather. End of story.) And wine-drunk is WAY more fun and loveable and batting-eyelashes and blazing-fireplace and foot-under-the-table-running-up-your-pant-leg than beer-drunk.

  5. I rarely find joy at work. But I found out today I'm getting moved to a window-seat, and I feel like Hugh Laurie just walked into the room buck-nekkid and beating his chest like Tarzan.



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