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Further Proof that Cats are the Weirdest

So I've decided to start doing a little bit of weight lifting/exercises to build my musculature back up and tone my winter mushiness just a little. (Once spring rolls around, I'm also gonna start riding my bike as much as possible.) I've started lifting my little weights again (which weirdly seems to be helping with my neck/shoulder problems as well) and also doing reverse-crunches. And apparently both activities FREAK MY CATS OUT.

As I lifted weights yesterday--mind you, they're like 5 or 10-lb. tiny weights--every time I lifted the weights up, my cat Franny would lurch one foot closer to the door and then freeze in place, staring at me in horror.

Later, when I was doing some reverse crunches, Zooey came booking into the room, looking crazed and confused, circling around my legs and staring at my face for reassurance that my movements weren't the preface to some strange cat-torturing series of events.

This should no doubt make for an entertaining follow-through on my New Year's Resolution.



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