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A Brief Synopsis of the Climactic Moments of the First 9 Episodes of Lie to Me; Or, Why the Premise is Going to Get Tiresome in Less Than Five Minutes

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Episode 1

Tim Roth's character (shouting): He's lying!

Episode 2

Tim Roth's character (looking smug): You're lying!

Episode 3

Tim Roth's character (looking arrogant): Can't you tell that HE'S LYING!

(Toss in some character-development that's accrued over the past three episodes)

Episode 4

Tim Roth's character (looking dismayed but then smug): I actually think he may be telling the truth. Oh wait. No! HE'S LYING!!!!

Episode 5

Tim Roth's character (super-smug): You're lying! And I know, 'cause if anyone can read faces, I can!

Episode 6

Tim Roth's character (super-arrogant smug): Lies lies lies! It's what you're full of!

Episode 7

Tim Roth's character (smug to the 100th power): If lies were a cement-truck with a blown-out tire speeding down the highway at 90 miles an hour, then your face would be THE WHITE TOYOTA THAT IT SLAMS INTO!!!!

Episode 8

Tim Roth's character (questioning self and purpose): But not everyone can be a liar, can they? Oh wait, yes. They CAN!

Episode 9

Tim Roth's character (smugerella in heels): You are a liar! Liar liar pants on fire!



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