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Calvin Klein & Pork Rinds

I am wearing Calvin Klein jeans today. And for some reason wearing them makes me feel like I've sold out. To whom, I'm unsure. But I'm not typically a label-touter, so it just feels weird wearing them. They're goddamned comfortable though, despite the fact that they make me feel as though I should be black and white, looking like I've not eaten, slept, or bathed for at least 27 days and like I'm drowning with disinterest regarding everything around me. I DO feel a TAD bit better about wearing them though knowing that N/A (allegedly) stole them from the thrift shop in plain view of the cashier when she pissed him off. If I could tell this to each person who stared at their Calvin Klein label, judging me, I think I'd feel much more at ease.

Unrelatedly: The Good n' Plenties were all finally removed from our vending machine the other day, without (it appears) a single one of them actually being sold. New vending machine items: Lemonheads and Barbecue Porkies Pork Rinds.



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