...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Notes From This Weekend

You wouldn't think that a misaligned spine would affect your finesse when it comes to fucking, but APPARENTLY IT DOES! Hurray for adjustments!

It is really f-ing challenging to date someone on the complete opposite time-schedule as you with everything.

I *will* convince Peppermint to start a business with me. And/or make her my love-slave. The choice is yours, P. *Batting my eyelashes in case she's reading*

I still think it's fairly possible that Chiroman would've slept with me if we'd met under entirely different circumstances. And/or become a good platonic friend. And/or a) and b).

Race is tricky to discuss. For obvious reasons. But also because there's almost always double-meaning in every statement uttered.

My So-Called Life was a really good show.



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