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Things I Learned About Myself This Weekend

  1. Apparently I exude good.

    How do I know this? Well, Saturday night, while I was out watching some of N/A's friends play at a local bar, a guy came up to me out of the blue, tapped me on the shoulder, and said: "I just wanted to tell you: You exude good."

    Truly a nice thing to hear, of course. And strangely, it's not the first time I've had someone I barely know tell me that.

    My only wish is that it wouldn't always be a preface to getting hit on.

  2. I need touch.

    I sometimes forget this. But this weekend reminded me of what a tactile-oriented person I am. I love when people touch, hug, kiss me. Even strangers (as long as it's not inappropriate, obviously). Luckily for me, N/A has a lot of friends who are very touchy-feelie as well, so I always leave hanging out with them feeling a lovely warmth in my bones. Add to that the fact that N/A's one friend D gives THE best hugs and I'm in pure bliss. Seriously: I've shared very minimal conversations with D, but everytime I see him, he gives me a hug--and not just the brief-awkward hug of folks who barely know each other, but the warmest most genuine hug I've ever experienced... the kind you just wanna curl up in and live inside of. I dig him. He may truly be the sincerest, most genuine, beautifully gentle person I've ever had the joy of meeting. And it's just nice to know that he exists.

  3. I dream WAY too much about actors from That 70's Show.



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