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A Vile-Fudge Sundae with Vileness on Top

So this past month, N/A forced me to read the vilest book I've EVER read in my whole life whatsoever, surely and sincerely.


Gun to head.

Cold sweats.

Extreme duress.

Smack talk. Etc.

And seriously: I've never read, and quite possibly never even THOUGHT, anything that foul and disgusting in my whole life.


Men forcibly peeing in each other's mouths for pleasure.


Getting turned on by shit and eating out someone's crusty butthole who hasn't washed in months.


At least one full-page discussion of the growth of dick cheese.








I actually woke up early in the morning when my sibs slept over, thinking: Oh my god, I hope my brother didn't wake up before me and grab that book to read out of boredom because I will never forgive myself.


I actually stopped reading for a while because I knew if I was going to read, I really should be reading IT, so I would instead find a million excuses not to read.


I read the last 80 pages in one sitting because it would actually take me a good 10-20 pages to adjust to the vileness of the book (and its effect on my mood), and once I managed to clear that and sank into the mire of filthy filthiness, I figured I best trudge on and get over with.


All of these things, without lull or any real major plot.

Why did I do it?

Because I actually really like Delany's Dhalgren, which is why I even gave it a chance.

Why did I not just burn it?

I think I only kept reading it because I couldn't let it win.

Would I recommend it?

Dick cheese.

Did I get anything out of it?

I guess there's something to be said for having read one of the foulest things ever written.

But other than that: a bad case of crabs, just from being in its presence.

What will I read next?

The Weetzie Bat series. In the name of detox and purification.



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