...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

So I now officially have a last day here at work. It was all talk before, but now it's real and set in motion. Before, although I was excited about that which has been LONG overdue, my mind was cramped with a billion "But what if you don't find a job"s and "...what about this shitty economy"s and a hundred million other worries and concerns.

But today... making it official...

It was like a mouth opened up, and out of it, when I'd been expecting sound, spilled the most brilliant white light instead.

It was like I was standing naked on the edge of a cliff, on the perfect day, with the most perfect sunshine on my skin and the wind whipping around me with warm fingers of possibility.

It was like suddenly: freedom.

All worries and trepidation aside, this is a good good thing.

I feel it in my bones.



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