...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...


I get off at my exit to go to work at about 6:15 every morning. And in order to get to work, I have to make a right turn at the light. Every once in a while, there's this crazy lady who just flat-out REFUSES to make a (legal) right turn on red in the morning, and I'll end up behind her, and I'll beep and I'll beep and other people behind us will beep and she'll STILL continue to sit there, refusing to budge. It's happened twice, and the second time--I must admit--I got excited and happy and was like, OMG it's Crazy No-Turn Lady!! And weirdly, I often think about her in the morning. I get off on my exit, and I'll roll up behind someone's car at the light, and I'll hold my breath for a second, wondering if it'll be her, and it's not. It's kind of like staring really hard at the sky in the hopes of seeing a shooting star.

Point being:

I like that I think about her in the mornings. It gives me the feeling that we're all important to somebody somewhere and somehow, even if we don't realize it.



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